Tanaine Jenkins | CEO

Get Loc’d in with our collection of clothing that embraces and celebrates the hair journey of achieving a full head of gorgeous locs. Making the decision to begin the loc process is not initially the most effortless transition. The dreadloc hairstyle first appeared in Jamaica during post-emancipation. As a means of defiance, ex-salves did this hairstyle to rebel against the Euro-centrism that was forced on them. With strong symbolism of letting go of material possessions, dreadlocs promote a clearer state of being. Our high-quality clothing line goes beyond the fabric. It takes on the responsibility of ensuring a true and inspiring representation that highlights the dedication, patience, and love that this hair journey creates for everyone. Founder Tanaine Jenkins has been loc’d in her journey for over 13 years, and even as someone well off in her process, she still enjoys listening to other people’s experiences. When she noticed a lack of dreadloc love in the clothing industry, she was determined to be the first and created The Loc’d Line to show the appreciation for the beautiful progression that dreadlocs possess a well as celebrate those who may just be beginning their journey.

Our goal is not only to produce clothing that represents those with dreadlocs but also to educate everyone about the history of dreadlocs. By giving the black community a brand that highlights a large category of who we are, we’ll begin to cultivate a group that understands the long a precious process that goes into having dreadlocs.

The Loc’d Line envisions multiple collections in the future of their business to further spread their educational agenda around the impactful hair journey and history of dreadlocs. With modern design and quality wear fabric, we aim to make a positive impact on our community and continue to embrace all that makes us unique and beautiful.